Scenes from 1963 March on Washington. The march was documented by James Blue and restored by the US National Archives. The *entire film can be seen on the US National Archives Youtube Channel.

*The audio from 23:13 to 29:44 in this film has been redacted due to a copyright restriction by Dr. King’s family

Remembering the civil rights struggle on MLK Day.

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A decade ago, I sat talking to a young mother on welfare about her experiences with technology. When our conversation turned to Electronic Benefit Transfer cards (EBT), Dorothy* said, “They’re great. Except [Social Services] uses them as a tracking device.” I must have looked shocked, because she explained that her caseworker routinely looked at her EBT purchase records. Poor women are the test subjects for surveillance technology, Dorothy told me ruefully, and you should pay attention to what happens to us. You’re next.

A collective narrative of trying to make it on $17,000 a year: bargaining testimony from a UCSC student-worker

my wife is one of these students, getting by because i have a job.


 This is not an exhaustive list, but it's exhausting.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s exhausting.

My name is Erin Ellison, and I’m an academic worker.

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Ron Swanson being an ally to women

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wise words from danny tanner


Hugo Schwyzer’s entire “Goodbye Tour” is meant to garner sympathy even as he admits to cheating on his wife. It’s meant to tell his critics that we were being too MEAN and WE drove him to this.

If we weren’t so mean, he wouldn’t hurt women the way he does - he says. 

If women as a group weren’t so cruel, than he as a man wouldn’t hurt individual women - he says.


Hugo Schwyzer is an unrepentant abuser who makes a living off pretending to repent. 


My goal is that someone at the NSA will read my texts, sit back in their chair and think, “This girl is a goddamn genius!” and then contact their sister-in-law who works in publishing, and get me a book deal.